Property information
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674,504 square feet total/13 stories
above grade (3 below)
Average floor size 51,000 square feet (varies slightly from
floor to floor)
Year built 1916—Common areas recently renovated
Agent for landlord Talon First Trust, LLC
Net rental rate $9.50 - $11.50 per rentable square foot
2018 estimated
operating/tax costs
$9.87 per rentable square foot
Total quoted rate $17.87 - $19.87 per rentable square foot
Available space 258,265 square feet
Building r/u factor per 1996 boma standards 1.15
Standard lighting 2' x 4' parabolic lights with electronic ballasts and T-8 tubes
Standard ceiling tiles 2' X 4' white acoustical tiles
Ceiling height 8' 7" to 9' 11"
Elevators 8 Westinghouse Mark IV elevators plus 2 full height Freight elevators.
Loading dock Loading dock is available in the alley at the East side of the building.
Back-up generator There are three back-up generators in the building. One is located in the penthouse to support the life safety services of the building. The other two generators are located in the lower level mechanical equipment room for Tenant usage. In order to use and benefit from these generators, a Tenant would need to purchase their own UPS system and then be connected to the generators.
HVAC system

Perimeter induction units with fan coil units serving interior.

There is a mechanical equipment room on the lower level of the building, that houses the primary heating and cooling generating equipment for the building. There are three gas/oil-fired boilers totaling 1,350 horsepower providing heating for the building. There are six centrifugal chillers providing cooling as follows:

1—550 ton Carrier chiller installed in 1972
1—450 ton Trane chiller installed in 1996
1—250 ton Trane chiller installed in 1971
3—500 ton Trane chillers installed in 1996

During peak usage two centrifugal chillers remain in standby.

The perimeter of the building is served by a two-pipe induction system, which is powered by four supply air fans and two return air fans. Fan coil units serve the interior areas with zone control for approximately every one thousand square feet.

The building HVAC systems are controlled through an Automated Logic Energy Management System. This system regulates and controls all functions of the mechanical system including optimum start, regular scheduling, return air monitoring for CO2 and control of outside air damper position. In addition, a Trane Chiller Plant Control System was installed in 1996 to monitor and regulate chilled water production.

Life safety/fire supppression system

The building has a Simplex 4100 Fire Alarm System. The system is a modern multiplexed, voice evacuation system suitable for a high rise installation. The main control panel is located on the first floor office in the fire command center. A remote monitoring site is located at the main reception desk. The Fire Alarm System is tested monthly.

A Fire Alarm Elevator Recall System has been added to the building elevators.

The visual strobes network has been added to the building. As remodeling occurs, strobes have been added to occupied space.

There is a 250 KW energy diesel-powered generator to serve the life safety needs of the building. Emergency distribution panels in each quadrant of every third floor distribute power to the stair lights; exit lights and selected building fixtures to provide egress lighting. Every fourth corridor light fixture and a good selection of office light fixtures are connected to the generator. This meets the code-required light levels for egress. Selected elevators are also on the diesel generator.

The fire suppression system supplies city water via the buildings fire pump on the lower level, up standpipes located in the stairways to each individual supervised floor control assemblies. Sprinklers in area with exposed structure are the quick response type of brass finish on exposed piping. Areas with dropped ceilings have fully concealed type quick response in chrome. All pipes are concealed above ceilings. The Great Hall is protected with a dry pipe system utilizing dry type fully concealed sprinklers. All penthouse areas are protected as well.


There are ten electrical services feeding the building from three different NSP transformer vaults in the sidewalks. Two services are 3,000 amp, 480 volt dedicated for mechanical equipment. A third mechanical equipment service is 1,000 amp, 208 volt. Four 3,000 amp, 208 volt services serve general building power needs. The remaining two 3,000 amp, 208 volt services are in reserve.

The distribution of electricity to the building is from three individual transformer vaults; each fed from a separate primary feeder. In addition, there is one redundant transformer in each vault. This results in a very reliable utility source to the building. It would take a fault at the primary substation level of the utility distribution to result in a total utility outage to the building.

Distribution power is available at each quadrant of each floor of the building. Two 120/280 volt, 3-phase, 4-wire, 225 amp panel boards are located at each quadrant electrical room. For a typical floor of the building there is a minimum of (or up to) 6 watts per square foot available for lighting and normal office electrical needs.

Connectivity & telecommunications

The building has dual routed fiber into alternate entrances on the NE and SW corners of the building. This building has the capacity to carry DS3 to OC-x level of services in alternated routed and or ring architected network services. The building has fiber optic cabling to the building, provided by MCI Worldwide. There may also be available additional optic cabling to the building provided by Qwest from various tenant's previous usage.

The telephone riser consists of a 6400 pair system with 600 pair splice cases located on the 4th and 10th floors. Each floor has four distribution (IDF) closets consisting of 100 pairs in each IDF. In most cases the building pairs are not used.

Saint Paul connectivity

Saint Paul is a highly wired city – one of the most wired in our region. By virtue of the local government and state agencies, as well as many high bandwidth consuming companies being there, the City has extensive fiber placements throughout the area. All major carriers have access points in Saint Paul. 180 East Fifth is located within the Institutional Network Cable System.


Skyway connected directly to 3 parking ramps and to many additional ramps within blocks. More parking infrormation »


The building remains open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Tenants may gain access to the upper floors, 24 hours a day, with an access card issued by Landlord. On-site guard services and alarm monitoring are also provided 24 hours a day. A new video surveillance system 21 cameras was installed in 2003 and is monitored by the on-site guard personnel.

Hours of operation

"Normal Building Hours" means from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, and from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., Saturday, excluding days which are legal holidays.